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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{Table Top Tuesday} Vintage Pink, Ivory, & Gold

Good evening everyone and welcome back for the final Table Top Tuesday of vintage month!
This week we'll be looking at a soft vintage palette of Pink, Ivory, and Gold. When I started looking at this palette, I had no idea that it would turn out as pretty as it did. So, let's just dive into it!

{Decorations & Table Settings}
Because of the way that all of these colours fit together, you really can use any of them for your decorations and table linens. They are all pretty and create a soft vintage feel for your wedding's atmosphere. Just be sure to avoid overusing one colour over the other two, otherwise your wedding will become overwhelming visually.


There is something about picture frames that gives off a total vintage feel. It probably has something to do with looking back through time. Using gilded (or fake gilded) vintage style picture frames creates an aesthetically pleasing look for your place cards or table numbers. Also, using soft pink, ivory, or gold ribbons on your invitations is a really great way to add a soft vintage touch. Topping everything off with vintage style brooch can make all the difference!


Pretty sugar flowers. Ribbons. Sugar bubbles. Tasty deliciousness, need I say more?

Check out {What to Wear Wednesday} tomorrow!


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