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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{What to Wear Wednesday} Vintage Pink, Ivory, & Gold

Good evening everyone and welcome back for another {What to Wear Wednesday}!
This week is our final installment of Vintage Month and we are looking at a Pink, Ivory, and Gold palette. The softness of this colour palette creates a vintage feel on its own, but you should be sure to include some vintage inspired elements to your fashions to help compliment your theme. Or, you can go all out and make stops at your local vintage boutiques to find yours and your bridesmaids' dresses. Let's take a look at some vintage style fashions that are a perfect fit for this palette.

{Wedding Dresses}
The obvious choice for your dress is ivory. If you choose to use ivory in your colour palette, but then choose a dress in white, everything else in your wedding that is ivory will look dull and dirty in comparison. And who wants that for their wedding? If you are more non-traditional, you could also choose a shade of pink for your dress like blush or rum pink. These are great for the Pink, Ivory, and Gold palette but are also a perfect fit for a vintage dress! Also, try out some vintage silhouettes, like a swing dress, or some vintage detailing, like lace or pearls, to add that extra something special.

Both dresses by WhirlingTurban Bridal Salon.

Vintage dress by unknown designer on left; vintage dress by Lanvin on right.

Vintage dress with fur trim by Jacques Fath on left; vintage dress by Adolfo on right.


Because you will most likely be using ivory for your wedding dress, you want to make sure to put your girls in either pink or gold so that you stand out from them. Like with your dress, you can try vintage silhouettes or stylings. However, if your girls aren't as into the vintage theme as much as you, you could always opt for simple dresses with vintage elements like ribbon, lace, pearls, beading, or (fake) fur. Accessories can really make a difference, too. Jewelry, hair accessories, purses, and shoes can really help to complete the vintage look. And don't be afraid to experiment to get it just right, everything should be perfect for your day!

Both dresses by Bari Jay.

Dress on left by Nordstrom; dress on right by Alvina Valenta.

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