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Saturday, May 8, 2010

{Weekend Wedding} in Chartreuse, Red, & Yellow

Welcome to a {Weekend Wedding} in Chartreuse, Red, and Yellow!
(click image for larger view)

Welcome to a colourful garden wedding with a touch of whimsy!  The bride wears a beautiful strapless dress with pin fold design by Watters Brides, which is accented by a cute bridesmaid dress with sweetheart neckline in a fantastic chartreuse shade by J. Crew.  The palette is bright, colourful, and fun featuring shades of chartreuse, red, and yellow.  Long before these garden nuptials took place, the guests received brightly coloured yellow invitations that are great indicators that the theme of the day will be love AND fun!  For a fun whimsical twist straight out of Alice in Wonderland, the reception is decorated with beautiful flowers in unique mismatched teacups and the place cards are hung elegantly from the trees.  The guests beat the heat with tasty red and green slushie drinks and enjoy delicious macaroons in the colours of the day.  At the end of night when the moon and stars are high in the sky, the guests are spent home with a token of the couple's appreciation in a lovely gold box hand-tied with a chartreuse ribbon and a personalized tag.  It will be a long time before anyone forgets this garden wedding!

All three of the colours in this palette would make a fantastic choice for bridesmaid and groomsmen colours.  They are all bright and eye-catching - perfect for a brightly coloured and whimsical spring or summer wedding.  However, I personally believe that chartreuse is the best of the three options, just because red and yellow flowers will really pop against a beautiful dress in this green shade!

Dress on left by J. Crew; dress on right by Watters.

Dress on left by AfterSix; dress on right by Jenny Yoo.

Dress by J. Crew.

Depending on what colour you choose for your bridesmaids and your groosmen, you really need to make it pop!  This colour palette really lends itself well to a more whimsical wedding, so be sure to have fun with your accessories - play around with coloured plastic beads, fun fascinators, or ties with bright prints.

Both fascinators from etsy seller thehoneycomb.

Fascinator embellished with strawberries from etsy seller whichgoose.

Chartreuse and red earrings from etsy seller AFineDistraction.

Chartreuse necklace with ribbon from etsy seller localovespirate.

{Bouquets & Flowers}
Since this colour palette is perfect for a fun spring and summer wedding, play around with your flower options and consider using flowers that are a little less traditional like gerbera daisies.  Extra accents like berries, wire curlicues, or fern leaves would really play up the whimsical side of this colour palette.

{Stationary & Favours}
This is where you can really have fun and show off the unique quality of your and your fiancĂ©'s relationship.  Explore the different uses of solid colours in your invitations and stationary or if you want to have a softer look try fun prints and patterns.  For your favours, get creative!  Add a special touch with a personalized tag or an oversized ribbon.  Or, think outside of the (favour) box and give your guests a unique gift like a hand fan, umbrella, or a teacup!

These deliciously colourful cakes and cookies are sure to make your wedding a sweet treat for your guests!

Stop in next week when I look at a fabulous palette of Aqua and Shades of Purple!  See you then!

Returning from a long hiatus ...

Welcome back! 
It's been a long hiatus for me from posting but I'm ready to get back it.  You'll notice a few changes with the blog posts but I think it's for the better and ultimately will make for a more interesting read.  From now on, I will be aiming for just one post a week, but that post will combine all of the elements that I would normally have discussed throughout the week leading up to the weekend.  BUT keep your eyes open for the occasional Eye Candy and other additional posts.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

{Weekend Wedding} Purple & Yellow

Welcome to a {Weekend Wedding} in Purple & Yellow!

(click image for larger view)

A simple and elegant halter neck wedding dress with gathered bodice by Jim Hjelm is accented by a sweet v-neck bridesmaid dress via Nordstrom.  The groom and the groomsmen show off a big pop of colour with bright yellow ties with purple accents.  This wedding is inspired by the brightness and and colourful nature of springtime, so eye catching flowers are used everywhere from the ceremony to the reception to the stationery and the cake!  The reception tables are draped in purple and yellow satin linens that are bold and eye catching.  The guests are given simple hand fans with personalized tags to help ward off any unexpected springtime heat.

{It's the Little Touches ...}

Spring weather can be unpredictable!  Don't let yourself or your girls get caught in a cold spell.  Check out this unique dark purple bolero from etsy seller maryandangelika and these beautifully coloured scarves from etsy seller ClassyWedding.

Spring is the blooming season so flowers should be everywhere in a springtime wedding.  Don't neglect your hair and neck!  Check out these yellow rose hairpins on the left and double tiered purple rose necklace on the right.  Both items from etsy seller MadeWithClayAndLove.

Only one day left to cast your vote for next week's colours!  Make your vote count!

Friday, March 19, 2010

{Floral Friday} Purple & Yellow

Good evening and welcome to this week's {Floral Friday}!
This week we are looking at the springtime colour combination of Purple & Yellow.  These two colours offer you sooo many options, even if you choose to use this combination in other seasons.  Let's take a look at some great floral options.

{Decorations & Centerpieces}


This weekend you are invited to a {Weekend Wedding} in Purple & Yellow ... see you there!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

{What to Wear Wednesday} Purple & Yellow

Welcome to a late {What to Wear Wednesday}!
This week we are looking at a great springtime colour combination of Purple & Yellow which gives you some great fashion options.  Both of these colours look great on most complexions so your girls should be happy with whatever shades you choose!  PLUS your fashion and floral choices give you the opportunity for some eye catching contrasts!  Let's take a look at some great inspirations!


Both dresses by AfterSix.

Both dress by Jenny Yoo.

Dress on left by Siri; dress on right via Nordstrom.

Both dress by Jenny Yoo.

Come check out some fantastic floral inspirations for {Floral Friday} tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Table Top Tuesday} Purple & Yellow

Good evening all and welcome to this week's edition of {Table Top Tuesday}!
This week we are looking at the combination of Purple and Yellow.  These great colours work fabulously together because they are complimentary.  This means that you can combine these colours any way that you want and they will always work.  So, it really is up to you whether you want to choose bright and vibrant shades or softer shades.  You can also combine multiple shades of each to create a beautifully aesthetic look that is uniquely your own.  Let's take a look at some inspirations for your Purple & Yellow day!

{Decorations & Table Settings}
Since there are so many flowers options available to you for both purple and yellow, it really comes down to personal choice as to how you want to decorate your wedding and drape your tables.  For these photos I have opted for purple linens, but yellow linens topped with purple flowers would really pop.

{Stationery & Favors}

Do you want unique favor ideas?  Spring can be unpredictable, so offer your guests the assurance of an umbrella for an outdoor ceremony.  OR offer your guests some of yours and your fiancĂ©'s favourite snacks in a personalized mason jar.

You can wait for cake?  Certainly not me!  Here are some great floral cake ideas that a perfect for a Springtime wedding in Purple & Yellow.  P.S. check out the unique purple and yellow pillow cake!

Tomorrow is {What to Wear Wednesday} so be sure to stop in for some perfect purple and yellow fashions.