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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday - Green, Peach, & Pink

Hey everbody and thanks for stopping in for What to Wear Wednesday.
This week we've been looking at a Green, Peach, and Pink wedding colour scheme.
To me, these colours create a very soft and elegant looking wedding. So, you definitely want to use fashions that compliment this. Dress designers like Jim Hjelm, Lazaro, Alvina Valenta, Henry Roth, and Christina Wu are my absolute favourites for creating soft, sophisticated, elegant, and truly beautiful fashions.
When it comes to colours for your bridesmaids' dresses and your groomsmen's vests/ties, your choices are pretty obvious. I would concern myself more with the appropriate shades of greens, peaches, and pinks to create just the right atmosphere that you want. If you want your wedding to have a romantic feel, I would use a darker green (like a forest green or a hunter green) and very light and soft shades of peach and pink. If you want your wedding to have a more energetic feel, definitely opt for brighter shades of peach and pink and go for a shade of green with a bit more energy (like kelly green). Lets take a look at some great fashions that compliment this colour scheme beautifully.

Wedding Dresses:

Dress on left by Jim Hjelm; dress on right by Alvina Valenta.

Both dresses by Mon Cheri.

Dress on left by Maggie Sottero; dress on right by Henry Roth.

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Dress on left by the Dessy Group; dress on right by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress on left by Jim Hjelm Occasions; dress on right by Alfred Angelo.

Both dresses by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress by Lazaro.

See you all for Floral Friday and don't forget to cast your vote for Next Week's Theme!


Aja said...

The Mon Cheri dress with the green sash... I have fallen in love with it. I found the picture on a knock-offs website weeks ago and finally found it again here. Thank you for telling me who makes it!!! Now do you know where I can find ot or what the ID # or name of the dress is? It's no longer on the main website : (

Heather Taylor said...

The dress was actually made by Maggie Sottero (sorry for the confusion!) but I sadly didn't record the style name anyway. From what I can tell it is no longer available. However ... the "Viera" by Maggie Sottero, the "Karena Royale" by Maggie Sottero, and the "ASM3184" by Sottero & Midgley are all similar styles with coloured sashes.

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