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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Table Top Tuesday - Green, Peach, & Pink

Hello everyone and welcome back for another Table Top Tuesday!
Today we'll be looking at one of my favourite colour combinations - Green and peach with accents of pink. It may sound a bit out there to some of you, but it really does make a pretty palette. Now, personally I've used the darker green colour as the main colour with the peach as a secondary colour and the pink as an accent. However, this colour combination can work any way that you want and still look really pretty. Let's take a look at some examples of how this can work for your wedding!

Table Settings:

Peach is a great colour to use for your linens. It's soft and elegant and when accented with pink and peach coloured flowers it's truly to die for.

If you want to keep one or more of the colours to be used for simple accenting that's fine, too! You'll see on the left that most of the linens are pinks and on the right the table setting consists of only greens and peachy oranges.

Don't be afraid to also use another colour, like white, if you feel that your colours are becoming too overwhelming.



Who says that wedding desserts have to be all about cake? Why not try a nice peach mousse as a delicious alternative?

Delicious looking cupcakes with peach coloured icing are a nice way to match your desserts to your colour palette. (Cupcakes on right by SugarBloom Cupcakes)

Why not try peach, in the literal sense? Opting for fruit to decorate your cake is a great way to tie your wedding in with the summer season.

These cakes are mostly decorated with pink and peach coloured flowers, but see below for some great green additions.

Stop in tomorrow for What to Wear Wednesday and don't forget to vote for Next Week's Theme!


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