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Friday, September 4, 2009

Floral Friday - Green, Peach, & Pink

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping in for another installment of Floral Friday!
This whole week we have been looking at a Green, Peach, and Pink colour scheme and I'm pretty excited because that makes for really beautiful flower options. There are SO MANY different flowers that you could use for the colour pink that you are absolutely garaunteed to find something to match the shade that your looking for. For peach, flowers like asters, irises, and dahlias are wonderful for a more fun look, but peach coloured roses are a great elegant flower. Lets take a look at some great options for inspiration.



Stop in tomorrow for A Weekend Wedding and don't forget to cast your vote before Sunday for Next Week's Theme!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm a bit late in looking at this post, but I've noticed that lots of people have been searching for Peach and Green ideas for wedding flowers and I came across your entry. Great pictures, and I especially love the first boutonniere idea with the large leaves and very much trimmed down rose buds!

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