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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday - Brown & Red

Good evening everyone and thanks for stopping in for What to Wear Wednesday!
As you know, this week's colour palette is brown and red but the shades that you use are entirely up to you and your own personal style. Since both a white or an ivory wedding dress would work for this colour palette, I'll be focusing mainly on the bridesmaids' fashions.

Both red and brown are great colours for your bridesmaids' dresses since they are both pretty much universally flattering. Your girls will look and feel great in a warm shade of brown. Then again, who wouldn't thank you for a sizzling hot shade of red? Or you really could use both! Try a dress in one colour and accent it with a bow, a sash, or applique in the other!

Dress on left and dress in middle by Jenny Yoo; dress on right by Donna Ricco

Both dresses by Jim Hjelm Occasions

Both dresses by Alvina Valenta

Both dresses by Jim Hjelm Occasions

Dress by Lazaro

Dress on left by Calvin Klein; dress on right by AfterSix

Dress on left by JS Boutique; dress on right by Saison Blanche

Dress by Watters

Dress by Siri

I don't know the specific desinger of these dresses, but aren't they gorgeous? And what a great way to make your Maid of Honour stand out from the other bridesmaids!

Stop by for Floral Friday and don't forget to cast your vote for next week's Fall Colours!


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