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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Weekend Wedding - Green, Peach, & Pink

Hello everyone and welcome back for a Weekend Wedding in Green, Peach, and Pink! This is quickly becoming one of my favourite colour combinations and I hope that after you get today's inspiration, it will be one of yours, too.

(click image for larger view)

A gorgeous sleeveless gown with scoop neck and lace accents by Jim Hjelm is complimented by a moss green gathered v-neckline bridesmaid dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions. Long before the vows were exchanged, the guests received beautiful invitations with hand tied green bows. On the day, the groomsmen's ties are a beautiful green to match the bridesmaids' dresses. The tables are decorated with delicately embroidered peach coloured linens and are accented by centerpieces of peach, pink, and ivory roses that match the bride's bouquet. The guests sip on peach flavoured drinks as the wait for their slice of the cake that is decorated with a beautiful cascade of green, peach, and pink.

It's the Little Touches ...

If you wedding is outdoors, a beautifully decorated arch with accents of peach and ivory coloured roses and a view of a local peach orchard are a perfect backdrop for exchanging your vows.

Add a personal touch to your favors with hand tied ribbon and personalized labels.

Who doesn't love a good scented candle? The scent of peaches and cream would create a truly romantic atmosphere for your special day.

Don't forget to cast your vote and check in on Monday for the announcement of Next Week's Theme!


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