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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday - Sunflower Theme Edition

Hello everyone and welcome back for What to Wear Wednesday!
Yesterday we looked at some really great sunflower themed table tops, stationary, and desserts in a yellow and brown palette with some accents of blue and red. The same goes for your wedding fashsions. Bridesmaid dresses in rich browns or bright yellow definitely scream sunflower. Or use some nice reds, greens, or blues to accent your main colours.
Like I wrote yesterday, sunflowers say bright and fun. So to match your theme, your fashions should definitely say the same. Dresses with fun cuts or cute accents are definitely the way to go. And for something as simple and elegant as a sunflower theme, you definitely want to keep your fashions on the simpler side. Let's have a look at some great examples.

Wedding Dresses:

Dress on left by Maggy London; dress on right by Siri.

Dress on left by Watters Brides; dress on right by Galina at David's Bridal.

Dress by David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Prepare for Sunflowerama on Floral Friday and don't forget to vote for next week's theme!


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