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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{Table Top Thursday} Destination Hawaii!

It's {Table Top Thursday}, Hawaiian style! Even if you can't afford to make the trip to Hawaiian for a classic beach wedding, you can still create a fantastic Hawaiian themed wedding right at home.  Be sure to use bright and tropical colours and pretty flowers to set the mood.  Then use your own personal touches that makes you feel like you really could be in Hawaii, even if you aren't!  Let's check out these great inspirations!

{Decorations & Centerpieces}
Most wedding services in Hawaii will have lots of beautiful decorations for you to use, but you can recreate these looks at home if you can't afford the trip.  Use lots of colourful tropical flowers like hibiscus, lilies, and plumeria and pair them with colourful chair covers or hanging decorations.  Make little additions like pineapples, bowls of leis, or even tiki statues to really give your wedding the Hawaiian feel.

{Stationary & Favors}
Your stationary and favors should really fit with your Hawaiian style.  If you've chosen to decorate with pretty flowers, carry that through into your stationary.  Do the same if you've chosen to go with pineapples or tikis.  For favor ideas consider beachy items like flip flops and hand fans or items that will remind guests about the great time they had at your wedding like local sand or tropical drink mixes. 

Pocket invitation on left by etsy seller ExQuisiteInVitation; Aloha save the dates on the right by etsy seller loriruedi paper & thread invitation design studio.

{Desserts & Drinks}
Use tropical flowers like plumeria and hibiscus to decorate your Hawaiian cake and cupcakes or go all out and make a tiki or volcano masterpiece!  If you want to try something unique, have a coconut flavoured cake or cover your cake in delicious roasted coconut!  Serve delicious and fruity tropical drinks like Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and Blue Hawaiian in coconut shells for a fun signature drink.

Frangipani cupcakes on the right by Sugarbloom Cupcakes.

Stop by tomorrow for some floral inspirations just as irresistable as the Hawaiian surf!


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