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Friday, February 19, 2010

{Floral Friday} Destination Hawaii!

If you can't say it, say it with flowers!  Enjoy these great floral inspirations fit for a Hawaiian wedding!

{Hair & Accessories}
Whether your're opting for a traditional haku or a simple accent to your wedding day hairstyle, tropical flowers are the way to go.  Also, don't forget leis for you and all of your guests!

Hakus for head and ankles made of orchids and various other tropical Hawaiian flowers.

Leis of plumeria, pikake, rose, and greenery.

There are certainly some flowers that simply scream Hawaii.  Be sure to consider hibiscus, plumeria, lilies, birds of paradise, and anthurium for your bouquets and boutonnieres.

Two brightly coloured bouquets of hibiscus flowers.

A bouquet of tropical green anthuriums.

A bouquet of white casablanca lilies on the left and a bouquet of star gazer lilies on the right.

Bouquet of white and green orchids on the left and a bouquet on the rightt mixes plumeria with palm for a distinctive tropical effect.

This weekend you are invited to a {Weekend Wedding} in Hawaii.  So be sure to check in for some romance in the sun and surf!


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