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Monday, February 1, 2010

{Announcement} February is Destination Month ...

So, it's officially Destination Month at I do ... Inspiration, and I soooo cannot wait to take mini wedding-vacations to exotic places for some fun in the sun!
Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's poll to determine where we would be visiting this month, I write this blog for my readers and it means alot when they take the time to tell me what they want!
And the results are ...
1st week: Paris with 60% of the votes ... ah je ne sais quoi!
2nd week: Greece with 70% of the votes ... mmmm baklava!
3rd week: Hawaii with 26% of the votes ... don't forget your leis and hula skirts!
4th (final) week: Mexico with 20% of the votes ... salsa AND salsa dancing!

The honourable mention goes to Rome with only 6% of the votes.

See you all tomorrow for {Table Top Tuesday} with Parisian flair!


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