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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{What to Wear Wednesday} Rockabilly Theme

~My 100th Post~
Good evening all and welcome back for What to Wear Wednesday!
This week is all about Rockabilly! So, to me, that means energy and fun! There are definite silhouettes that you and your girls will want to fill in order to match your theme. But never fear because there are hundreds of retro pin ups to guide you on your way to retro beauty. Let's take a step back in time to look at some great inspirations!

{Hair & Accessories}
For your hair ... curls, curls, curls! Nobody sported straight hair in the 1950's so for your Rockabilly themed wedding, neither should you! Check out some retro pin ups for hairstyles, but the classic elements are victory rolls and pompadours!
Everyone wears heels to their wedding, but nobody said that you couldn't have fun doing it!
Try a cute bolero sweater with a pretty rose or and edgy skull applique for an added spark (or warmth).

There are some classic silhouettes that are straight from the Rockabilly era that are perfect for you and your girls. The 50's "wiggle dress" is a tight tapered dress that just screams sexy. If you want a more fun "party" atmosphere, a 50's swing style dress that has a tight bodice and a full skirt is perfect.
All dresses by Stop Staring through Unique Vintage.

Dresses by Queen of Heartz through Unique Vintage.

Dress on left by Heartbreaker through Unique Vintage; dress on right by Authentic Vintage through Unique Vintage.

To look fabulously 50's for your Rockabilly wedding, your man and his groomsmen just need to take fashion and hair cues from icons like Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash!

Unfortunately, there will be no Floral Friday this week. However, you are still all invited to a Rockabilly Weekend Wedding this Saturday!


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