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Saturday, November 28, 2009

{Weekend Wedding} Vintage Pink, Ivory, & Gold

Good morning everyone and welcome to a {Weekend Wedding} in Vintage Pink, Ivory, & Gold!

(click image for larger view)

An elegant and soft sheath dress with vintage styling by Natalia Misslin is accented by a soft pink bridesmaid dress with lace details by Bari Jay. Long before the vows are exchanged the guests receive soft pink and ivory invitations with lace and feather accents that really set the elegant tone of the ceremony. The reception is draped in beautiful ivory linens and is decorated with vintage gold accents. The guests indulge in a beautiful three tiered cake that is elegantly draped and decorated with soft roses.

{It's the Little Touches...}

Wearing shoes with details like these ruffles or antique beading are perfect for some vintage flair.

Adding hair accessories, like this headband with pink and ivory pearls, are perfect for a simple and elgant vintage touch.

There's something about this ruffle bolero that just screams vintage! And its perfect for a wedding in a coolder season.

Don't forget to cast your vote for next week's theme and email in your nominations for the New Year's Wedding Movie Countdown!


Rosanna said...

What color exactly is "vintage pink"? Is it more like blush pink or rum pink or what? I'm having a hard time figuring this one out, I need to communicate with vendors and it sounds to me like everybody calls the same shade of color in a different way LOL Seriously, can you help?

Heather Taylor said...

It is actually a vintage theme with pink ... but this shade of pink would very close to a "blush pink", an "antique pink," or a "rum pink" like you said. They are all pretty much the same shade of pink, which is the soft pink. I think that as long as you are consitent with how you describe what you want your shade of pink to look like (ie. dark, light, soft, pastel, neon, etc.) you should be alright. It really is a beautiful shade of pink and many wedding dresses even come in this shade!

MyDress said...

Excellent wedding dress!

wedding dress said...

It really is a beautiful shade of pink and many wedding dresses even come in this shade!

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