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Saturday, November 28, 2009

late {Floral Friday} Vintage Pink, Ivory, & Gold

Good morning everyone and welcome back for another late {Floral Friday}!
This week has been all about a vintage palette in Pink, Ivory, and Gold so let's take a look at some great floral inspirations!

{Centerpieces & Decorations}
Since this palette really creates a soft atmosphere, simple and elegant is key. Ivory and pink roses are classic and perfect for a vintage theme.

For your bouquets, you want to keep them simple and elegant just like your centerpieces and decorations. However, there are some great additions that you can make to really give them a vintage feel. Some great examples are wrapping your bouquet stems in satin ribbon, decorating them with antique brooches or pins, or hanging pictures of your family's weddings.


Check in later today for a Weekend Wedding in vintage Pink, Ivory, and Gold. Don't forget to cast your for next week's December theme AND email in your nomination for your favourite wedding movie!


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