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Monday, October 26, 2009

Table Top Tuesday - Halloween Theme

Hello everyone and welcome to a spooktacular Table Top Tuesday!
This week is Halloween, so all week long we'll be looking at some spine chilling Halloween wedding inspirations.
A Halloween theme is a great wedding theme for a non-traditional couple that is looking to add a little bit of spice and fun to their wedding. It really is a great way to incorporate a little bit that "childhood fun" into something that can be very ceremonious and boring! Ghosts, goblins, ghouls ... give your guests a celebration that they will never forget! Besides, who could possibly forget all of that candy?

Centerpieces and Decorations:
Here is where your creativity really can shine! Carved pumpkin lanterns make a great lighting and centerpiece option that can still be very pretty. However, if you really want to go all the way with this wedding theme, think candleabras, tombstones, coffins, skeletons, bats, or even spooky sculptures! And don't forget the cobwebs!

These Halloween paper lanterns may be hard to find, but they certainly aren't hard to make! Buy orange, white, and black paper lanterns and use stencils to paint on jack o'lantern faces, bats, spiders, and cobwebs. These lanterns will cast spooktacular shadows!

Table Settings:

Just like with your centerpieces and decorations, your table settings can be Halloween themed and pretty, or you can go all the way! If you want to stick with the prettier side of things, go with simple orange and black linens and table accents. However, if you really want your guests to get a taste of a spookier atmosphere at their tables, use black, eriee purple, or deep red linens and really get creative with your centerpieces and guest favors.

Most stationary companies have great options for Halloween themed invitations, but this is where a DIY bride can really have fun! Cut out invitations or place cards in the shape of coffins or pumpkin heads and decorate them with spooky looking calligraphy or orange glitter. Scary trees, owls, pumpkins, ghosts, and bats are great Halloweeny additions that you can make.

I LOVE this idea, and it's perfect for the DIY brides out there! These make great invites to a smaller wedding or engagement party. Simply address little boxes containing a card with all the important information using spooky handwriting or calligraphy. You can buy rubber severed fingers at most party stores and Halloween specialty stores or you can get crafty and cast your own fingers. If you really want to get into it, add some blood for a gorey effect! And, don't forget to add a little string bow to serve as a reminder for your wedding!

Who can forget this classic Halloween couple? Let your guests know that you and your financé believe that you two were "made for each other" ...

Halloween is all about sweets so feel free to go crazy!
Consider using a red velvet cake or cupcakes because when you cut it the inside will be red like blood. How cool is that and perfect for a Halloween theme? Are you a Tim Burton fan? Find a Corpse Bride or Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper! And, for a wedding like this, a candy table is not only a sweet treat for your guests but a perfect fit for the theme!

Here are two different takes on a ghoulish couple cake topper.

The Corpse Bride and the Nightmare Before Christmas are really great inspirations for a Halloween themed wedding cake. They are both scary and romantic and make for some truly unique cake options.

Tomorrow is What to Wear Wednesday, so don't forget to stop by to be inspired by some Halloween wedding fashions!


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