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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Table Top - Green & Orange

Hey everyone and welcome back for a (late) Table Top Tuesday!
I apologize for the lateness of this post but I'm a bit slow coming back from this past Thanksgiving weekend.
This week we're looking at a nice fall inspired Green and Orange colour palette. For this palette you will most likely want to stay with a nice burnt orange or darker orange and for your green you'll want to stay with a shade that is more rich, like an olive green, rather than one that is bright.
Let's take a look at some great inspirations!

Table Settings:
Green and orange linens may be hard to find for your reception so you may want to consider using white, ivory, or brown linens as a backdrop for some dramatic orange and green centerpieces. However, if you are vigilant, you may find some fantastic linens and table pieces that work perfectly for your palette.


These invitations and napkin place card holders are a great shade of olive green.

This invitation opts for a single colour, but the bright orange bow is more than a statment!

This just goes to show that this colour palette can not only be used for the fall but it would make a great tropical wedding.

I know that some of these place cards are brown, but aren't they the cutest little things? And these are so simple that they would make a great project for the DIY brides out there.


For your cake, you may find that putting lots of orange and lots of green together can get to be a bit much. I'd would recommend opting for one of the two colours or pairing the two colours as an accent to white, ivory, or brown icing.

The cake on the right is really amazing and would be look really neat if seated next to the cocktail bar surrounded with martini glasses holding orange flowers.

The cake topper on the right is very sweet and makes a lovely alternative to classic Bride and Groom cake topper.

Stop by soon for your Green and Orange wedding fashions!


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