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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eye Candy - Cupcakes & Mini Cakes

Good evening everyone!
Today is another edition of Monday Eye Candy chosen by you, my readers. The winner of last week's "What is your favourite wedding dessert?" poll is ... Cupcakes/Mini Cakes! So, sit back and prepare your eyes for some mouth watering inspirations.

Mini Cakes:

These great little mini cakes don't have much in the way of icing, but they have alot of simple elegance. The mini chocolate wedding cakes on the left are dusted lightly with icing sugar and the mini angel food cakes are served with just a dollop of whipped cream.

All three of these desserts are miniatures of a wedding cake. Too cute and too delicious!

The mini cakes on the right are actually crottin cakes, which are tasty cheese pastries.

There are many ways to personalize your mini cakes. The mini cakes on the left are drizzled with the new bride's and groom's initials and the mini cakes on the right are packaged and tied with a small green button mum to reflect the flowers of the day.

Honestly, who could turn down a mini cheesecake when they are topped with beautiful pastel coloured icing flowers?

On a day when you are the center of attention, wouldn't it be nice to give a little something special back to your guests?


When it comes to mini cakes and cupcakes, its all about how you want to display them. Will you opt for a large tower, smaller towers for each table, or a flat display that will showcase the unbelieveable decoration?

Both of these cupcakes use icing and flowers in visually pleasing ways. Which is your favourite?

I bet you didn't know that are are so many ways that you can simply ice a cupcake! A solid and thick swirl of icing creates a more modern look, whereas a star shaped swirl is soft. Or, try mixing swirled icing with smoothed icing for a more eclectic look.

The way that your cupcakes are decorated and what they are topped with in yet another opportunity to express your creativity. Try candy, chocolates, or marzipan. The cupcakes on the bottom right are even topped with a personalized label!

Thanks for stopping in for another edition of Monday Eye Candy and don't forget to check in tomorrow for Table Top Tuesday!


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