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Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Weekend Wedding} Bright Pink & Green

Welcome to a {Weekend Wedding} in Bright Pink & Green!

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A strapless wedding dress with a cropped jacket by Jim Hjelm is accented by a v-necked dress in bright pink with white polka dots by J. Crew Bridesmaids.  The guests receive invitations in bright shades of pink and green that really set the tone for this fun and festive wedding celebration.  The outdoor tables are draped in bright green linens and topped with flowers in pink and fuschia.  The surrounding trees are hung with bright pink and green paper lanterns that are fabulously colourful during the day and give off soft lighting in the evening.  The guests indulge in a simple three tiered white cake that is beautifully decorated with a spray of pink sugar flowers.  At the end of the night, everyone is sent home with a token of the couple's gratitude packaged in a cute white take-out box with custom pink and green label.

{It's the Little Touches ...}

Sometimes Spring weather can be a little unpredictable so give your girls something to guard against the chance of a cooler temperatures.  Bright green and pink scarves from etsy seller ClassyWedding.

Put some fun in your hair!  This hair comb fascinaor features pink and fuschia silk flowers with some soft feathery accents.  From etsy seller lovelygifts.

These little polka dot earrings are just so bright and fun, they almost look like cute little mushrooms.  They would make a great little accessory for you or your bridesmaids.  Green polka dot earrings from etsy seller kbowling. 

Next week we'll be looking at the fabulous colour combination of Pink, Brown, Yellow, & Ivory.  See you on Tuesday!

{Weekend Wedding} Soft Pink & Green

Welcome to a {Weekend Wedding} in Pink & Green pastels!

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A figure hugging strapless fit and flare wedding dress with pink and green embroidered details by Lazaro is accented by an elegant halter necked bridesmaid dress also by Lazaro.  When the guests arrive and find the clean lines with popping pastel floral accents, there is no argument that this wedding is all about soft elegance.  The tables are draped in white linens and are topped with floral centerpieces in white and petal pink.  Overhead, the ceiling is decorated with pink and green paper lanterns that work as beautiful pops of colour during the day but also offer soft ambient lighting at night.  Keeping true to their chosen colour theme, the couple serves the guests pink champagne as they indulge in deliciously iced pink and green cupcakes. 

{It's the Little Touches ...}

How could you not feel absolutely beautiful wearing a lovely floral hair comb like these on your wedding day?  Floral hair combs from etsy seller thehoneycomb. 

These pink and green pearl earrings are both soft and sophisticated, a perfect accent for you or your girls!  Garden wedding earrings with pearls and prehnite from etsy seller herecomesthebride.

Truly give your guests a little magic by adding colourful sugar accents like flowers or butterflies to your wedding sweets.  These pink and green butterflies make a terrific accent for a simple white iced cupcake AND they're completely edible!

Check in later for a {Weekend Wedding} in Bright Pink & Green!

Friday, March 5, 2010

{Floral Friday} Pink & Green

This colour combination truly makes your floral decisions a cinch.  There are so many flowers that come in multiple shades of pink that by simply pairing them with lush green leaves or other green floral accents, you really can't go wrong!  Here are some of my favourite pink and green floral inspirations.

{Centerpieces & Decorations}



This weekend you are invited to a two part {Weekend Wedding} in Pink & Green.  Be sure to stop by for a soft and sophisticated wedding in pastel shades followed by a fun and cheerful wedding in brighter shades.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{What to Wear Wednesday} Pink & Green

This week's {What to Wear Wednesday} colour combination really makes for some fun and eye-catching fashions!  Regardless of whether you opt for softer pastels or brighter saturated shades, your options are endless!  Let's take a look at some fantastic fashion options for your Pink & Green wedding.

{Wedding Dresses}
Not interested in a white wedding dress for your Pink & Green wedding?  Lots of designers make dresses in shades of pink like blush or rum pink.  Or you can find dreses with pink details like embroidery, sashes, or bows.

Three dresses by Jim Hjelm.

Both dresses by Lazaro.

Three dresses by Alvina Valenta.

{Bridesmaid Dresses}
No matter which colour you choose for your girls' dresses, they will look fantastic!  Pink bouquets will really pop against dresses in shades of green, or opt for bright pink bouquets against soft pastel pink dresses.

All three dresses by J. Crew.

Dress on left by Lazaro; dress on right by Alvina Valenta.

Dress from Love by Enzoani.

Both dresses by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress by Lazaro.

Both dresses by Siri.

Dress by J. Crew.

This week's {Floral Friday} will be the brightest yet!  So, be sure to stop by for the fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{Table Top Tuesday} Pink & Green

Okay, I am sooo ready for Spring to come!  That's why I'm starting the first {Table Top Tuesday} in March off with this bright and fun colour combination.  The beauty of this combination is that it works no matter what shade you want to use, from soft pastels to bright saturated shades.  So, let's take a look at some great inspirations!

{Decorations & Table Settings}

I love the idea of using pink paper lanterns or floral pomanders as ceremony and reception decor!  They can be pretty in soft petal pink or fun in bright fuschia! 

Want a fun decor item?  Green apples can be used in centerpieces, decor, and cakes to create a unique look!  Want something a little more classic and sophisticated?  Try pretty table overlays with delicate embroidered details.

The Pink & Green colour combination really gives you room to play around with different design elements.  It lends itself to traditional floral and filigree designs, as well as, more modern elements like polka dots and checkers.

Here are some fantastic cake, cupcake, and macaroon designs that really work well with the Pink & Green colour combination.  Have fun with it, it's dessert!

Tomorrow is {What to Wear Wednesday} so be sure to stop in for some great Pink & Greek fashions!