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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{What to Wear Wednesday} Pink & Green

This week's {What to Wear Wednesday} colour combination really makes for some fun and eye-catching fashions!  Regardless of whether you opt for softer pastels or brighter saturated shades, your options are endless!  Let's take a look at some fantastic fashion options for your Pink & Green wedding.

{Wedding Dresses}
Not interested in a white wedding dress for your Pink & Green wedding?  Lots of designers make dresses in shades of pink like blush or rum pink.  Or you can find dreses with pink details like embroidery, sashes, or bows.

Three dresses by Jim Hjelm.

Both dresses by Lazaro.

Three dresses by Alvina Valenta.

{Bridesmaid Dresses}
No matter which colour you choose for your girls' dresses, they will look fantastic!  Pink bouquets will really pop against dresses in shades of green, or opt for bright pink bouquets against soft pastel pink dresses.

All three dresses by J. Crew.

Dress on left by Lazaro; dress on right by Alvina Valenta.

Dress from Love by Enzoani.

Both dresses by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress by Lazaro.

Both dresses by Siri.

Dress by J. Crew.

This week's {Floral Friday} will be the brightest yet!  So, be sure to stop by for the fun!


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