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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

{What to Wear Wednesday} Pink, Brown, Yellow, & Ivory

Good evening all and welcome to this week's edition of {What to Wear Wednesday}!
This week we will be looking at the combination of Pink, Brown, Yellow, & Ivory.  These colours are really pretty and when put together they create a really romantic palette whether you opt for softer pastels or brighter saturated shades.  Let's take a look at some great fashion inspirations.

{Wedding Dresses}
This colour combination is really romantic and almost screams fantasy.  Look for wedding dresses that have soft elements like ruffles, tulle, lace, and applique flowers.

Dresses by Jim Hjelm.

Dresses by Alvina Valenta.

Dress on right by Demetrios Blue; Dress on left by Demetrios Sposabella.

{Bridesmaid Dresses}
With this colour combination you really can put your girls in anything and they will look fantastic.  You can even pair two of these colours using bands, sashes, bows, or applique flowers for a completely unique look.

Dress on left by Phillip Lim; dress on right by Bari Jay.

Dress on left by Watters; dress on right by Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Dress by Alvina Valenta.

Dress on left by Calvin Klein via Nordstrom; dress on right by Siri.

Light yellow dress on left by Jim Hjelm Occasions; dress on right by Watters.

Dress by Siri.

Tomorrow will be a {Table Top Thursday} to make up for yesterday's lack of inspiration!  See you there!


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