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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Table Top Tuesday} Purple & Yellow

Good evening all and welcome to this week's edition of {Table Top Tuesday}!
This week we are looking at the combination of Purple and Yellow.  These great colours work fabulously together because they are complimentary.  This means that you can combine these colours any way that you want and they will always work.  So, it really is up to you whether you want to choose bright and vibrant shades or softer shades.  You can also combine multiple shades of each to create a beautifully aesthetic look that is uniquely your own.  Let's take a look at some inspirations for your Purple & Yellow day!

{Decorations & Table Settings}
Since there are so many flowers options available to you for both purple and yellow, it really comes down to personal choice as to how you want to decorate your wedding and drape your tables.  For these photos I have opted for purple linens, but yellow linens topped with purple flowers would really pop.

{Stationery & Favors}

Do you want unique favor ideas?  Spring can be unpredictable, so offer your guests the assurance of an umbrella for an outdoor ceremony.  OR offer your guests some of yours and your fiancĂ©'s favourite snacks in a personalized mason jar.

You can wait for cake?  Certainly not me!  Here are some great floral cake ideas that a perfect for a Springtime wedding in Purple & Yellow.  P.S. check out the unique purple and yellow pillow cake!

Tomorrow is {What to Wear Wednesday} so be sure to stop in for some perfect purple and yellow fashions.


Anonymous said...

I came accross your blog when searching for wedding invitations, and found a photo of purple invitation from your "Table Top Tuesday- Mustard Yellow & Plum Purple" blog dated Oct. 6, 2009. Do you have any idea where these can be purchased or who makes them? We have searched everywhere.

Woolly Moomin said...

Thank you - we have just picked our colours (red, purple and yellow, I'm calling it raspberry, plum and sunshine!) and I just couldn't picture purple favour boxes at all. Some lovely ideas here, thank you so much. I'm loving the whole purple and yellow week, as I'd been having a wobble about whether those two colours go as well as I think they do - stumbling on your purple and yellow posts has sorted me right out :)

Heather Taylor said...

It's great to hear that you got some inspiration! Your colours sound great and I'm thinking that they may be a good colour combination to explore myself!

Lisa said...

Good wedding favors

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