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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{What to Wear Wednesday} Destination Mexico!

Welcome to {What to Wear Wednesday}  Destination Mexico!
Have you ever watched a beautiful and exotic Mexican woman dance with poise and confidence?  Wouldn't it be fabulous if on your wedding day you felt just like that?  With fashion, anything is possible!  When choosing your wedding day fashions for a Mexican themed wedding, consider what makes the fashions of a Mexican, salsa, or flamenco dancer so beautiful and sexy and yet so elegant.  Let's explore some fantastic Mexican inspired fashions!

{Wedding Dresses}
For a Mexican themed wedding, I think that your dress should have elements that give it sophistication with a touch of sexiness.  Try looking for dresses that pull elements from sexy salsa dancing dresses like multiple tiers of lace or tulle and strapless or halter necklines.

Both dresses by Demetrios Blue.

All dresses by Demetrios Sposabella.

Dress on left by Liancarlo; dress on right by Pronovios.

{Bridesmaid Dresses}
For your girls, you can also try to give their dresses a Mexican appeal by using tiered skirts and sexy necklines.  You could also try a simpler fashion and the accent it with some distinctive accessories.  As for colour, stick to bright and saturated colours like blue, green, purple, orange, or red.

All dresses by Alfred Angelo.

What a great idea!  Opt for a simple black dress with a flowing or tiered skirt and accent it with fans instead of bouquets for a distinctively sexy Mexican feel.

There will be no {Floral Friday} for this final week of February is Destination Month.  However, this weekend you are all still invited to a {Weekend Wedding} in Mexico! 
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