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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Table Top Tuesday} Destination Greece!

Hello everyone and welcome to the second week of February is Destination Month and another edition of {Table Top Tuesday}!
This week is all about Destination Greece!  Now, you don't necessarily have to go to Greece to have a fabulous Greek themed wedding.  It's all about the atmosphere that you create with your overall wedding style.  Let's take a look at some interesting ideas that will help your guests feel like they're in Greece, even if they're not.

{Table Settings}
When choosing how you want to decorate your tables for your Greek Themed wedding, keep a few things in mind.  Colour - white and blue are Greece's colours and make a perfect backdrop for your themed wedding.  Style and ambiance - if you can't actually make it all the way to Greece, you definitely want people to feel like they are there.  There is definitely alot to pull for to add special touches to your tables.  Choose empty bottles of Greek alcohol or pretty Greek style vases for your centerpieces.  Using eclectic mismatched china with blue designs gives the whole affair an informal atmosphere and makes it more like a huge celebration (which if you've ever been to a Greek wedding with 500+ guests ...).  Greece is famous for its art and architecture, so you can pull in elements like sculpture, columns, or certain patterns to make your day FEEL Greek, even if it really isn't! 

A Greece themed wedding HAS to be outside!  In Greece, they have beautiful landscape and seasides, so take advantage of the effect that a great wedding venue can have on your overall theme.

Garden statues like these are the perfect size for a centerpiece or decoration and fit perfectly with a Greek themed wedding!

Your stationary can pull in many elements of your overall theme.  Opt for simple colours like white and blue with perhaps a bit of yellow as a sunny accent colour, to keep with the Greece theme.  Add in accents that fit like elements of sculpture, architecture, or Greek tradition.  And even if your Greece themed wedding isn't a real destination wedding, who says you can't play around with that idea, too?

{Food, Drinks, & Desserts}
The Greeks know how to eat!  If you want your wedding food to keep with your overall Greek theme, serve some amazing Greek foods!  Get inspired by lamb and chicken dishes, olives, feta cheese, and fresh salads.  And you can certainly serve a traditional wedding cake or cupcakes, but why would you when there are so many delicious Greek desserts like baklava?

Lamb shanks with potatoes, seasoned with paprika on the left and tradiational Greek wedding soup made of chicken broth, meatballs, and feta cheese on the right.

You could serve a traditional wedding cake that pulls in Greek elements, like the cake on the left that uses a simple white two tiered design that mimics Greek seaside cities and a traditional Greek key design.  OR you could serve more traditional Greek desserts, like baklava or galactoboureko.  Be careful though, they are sweet and addictive!

Stop in tomorrow for some Greek inspired fashions for {What to Wear Wednesday}!


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