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Friday, February 5, 2010

{Table Top} Destination Paris!

Good evening everyone!  My gosh I have been such a slacker this week, but never fear!  I have returned with some beautiful inspirations for a Parisian themed wedding!
As it is with your fashions, the colours that you choose to use for your Parisian themed wedding are really that important.  It is more important to create the Parisian atmosphere by using chic designs and decorations.  If you are looking for a little colour guidance, I would suggest using chic and modern colour combinations.  Try using grey as a neutral against bright and vibrant colours like yellow, blue, or pink.  Or pair chic pastels together to create a very soft look to your day.  The choice is always yours!
So, let's take a look at some great inspirations!

{Decorations, Centerpieces, & Table Settings}
Nothing says Paris like the Eiffel Tower!  Use this in your wedding as centerpieces or decorations and you will have the perfect Paris themed wedding.  Also, try adding balloons or umbrellas to your decor to give it a little Parisian pizzazz! 

{Stationary & Favors}
The same goes for your invitations, stationary, and favors!  Think about things that really represent Paris, or how the idea of Paris and France makes you feel.  Try using fashionable and chic designs like stripes or filigree, then pair that with a beautiful flower, a lovely lantern, or of course the eiffel tower!

The dessert of choice for a Parisian themed destination wedding is simple ... MACAROONS!  And the beauty of macaroons is that they can be made in a multitude of colours and flavours like green tea, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, chocolate, and vanilla.  You will always have a perfect match no matter which colours you choose!

Tomorrow you're invited to a Parisian Themed {Weekend Wedding}!  Be sure to cast your vote for this week's poll!


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