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Saturday, January 16, 2010

{Floral Friday} Navy Blue & Blush Pink

Good morning everyone. Sorry for the late post but yesterday was my BIRTHDAY so I was a bit preoccupied with festivities!
Welcome to a late edition of {Floral Friday} in Navy Blue & Blush Pink!
There aren't that many REAL flowers that come in shades of blue, especially NAVY blue. However, if you want to have blue flowers there is always that option of going with silk or other fabrics. Obviously, they do have a different look than real flowers but in the end it's completely up to you wether or not that look fits with the overall feel of your special day. If you still want to incorporate navy blue into your flowers, you can always opt for accents like ribbons, bows, or pins.
Let's take a look at some great floral inspirations!




This weekend you are invited to a {Weekend Wedding} in Navy Blue & Blush Pink, so be sure to stop in and cast your vote for this week's poll!


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