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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Table Top Tuesday - Vintage Hollywood Theme

Good evening welcome to the first vintage Table Top Tuesday!
All of this week we will be looking at a Vintage Hollywood Wedding Theme. For this type of theme you really want to think about glitz and glamour, so using a colour palette that includes black, white, red, and gold are perfect for this theme. Let's take a look at some Hollywood inspirations.

Table Settings:
For your table settings you really want to use linens in black, white or red. This creates a rich and glamorous look for your wedding. Use gold accents in your chairs and centerpieces to make a statement that harkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Think elegant roses, chandeliers with expensive looking crystals, ostrich feathers, and champagne!

As always, this is really where you can set the tone for your wedding long before the day itself. Think of finding or creating designs that use the iconography of old Hollywood, like the clapboard, an Oscar statute, stars, or old movie ticket stubs. You may even want to incorporate old Hollywood movie posters or movie actor glamour shots!


Again, you can really run with this theme in your cake/cupcake designs. Stars, top hats, Oscar statues, and movie reels are all great iconographic images that will really fit with this Vintage Hollywood theme. However, if you want to keep your theme more low key, using your colour palette is a simple yet elegant alternative.

Stop in tomorrow for a What to Wear Wednesday with all the glitz and glamour of Vintage Hollywood!


Anonymous said...

what about doing this theme in a Navy and Hunter Green with white and silver accents?

Heather Taylor said...

That would also be a great colour combination.

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