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Monday, November 16, 2009

{Monday Eye Candy}

Good morning everyone! I hope that you're all enjoying the changes that have been made to the blog as much as I am!
It's Monday and that means that it's time for some delicious eye candy! This entire month is all about vintage inspired wedding themes so we'll be enjoying some fun and old fashioned inspirations today. For the last two weeks I've been running a poll for today's topic and the results are finally in! I'd like to thank everyone who cast their votes and the winner is ... Vintage Wedding Dresses!
If you are planning a vintage inspired wedding, you have the option of visiting thrift stores and vintage boutiques in search of that perfect and authentic dress. However, there are lots of designers that create beautiful vintage inspired fashions. So, at the request of you, my reader, let's take a look at some fabulous dresses!
P.S. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out the *new* Vintage Wedding Dresses links!

{Stephanie James Couture}

{Amy-Jo Tatum}


{Natalia Misslin}

{Circa Brides}

This week is Rockabilly Week so get ready for tomorrow's fun and energetic Table Top Tuesday!


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