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Saturday, November 14, 2009

{Floral Friday} Vintage Art Deco Theme

Hey everyone and welcome back for another (late) Floral Friday!
This week is all about Vintage Art Deco themes for weddings, but when it comes to your floral pieces, there really aren't many limitations to what you can do. Here are some great ideas to help match your flowers to your theme.

It is no secret that my favourite accent to a Vintage Art Deco theme is ostrich feathers! They remind me of the elegance and lavishness of the Art Deco era. Also, their long curving shape is reminiscent of the bold curves and motifs that characterize the Art Deco movement. Adding ostrich feathers into a tall bouquet with beautiful flowers, especially roses, would make great centerpieces. You can also add pearls or crystals to give them a rich feeling.

Just like with the centerpieces, adding ostrich feathers, crystals, or pearls to your bouquets are a really great way to give them the lavishness that is characteristic of the Art Deco era. Also adding elements like satin ribbon and art deco inspired brooches not only fit with the theme, but they look fantastic!


Check in later today because you are all invited to a Vintage Art Deco Themed Weekend Wedding!


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