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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Table Top Tuesday - Mustard Yellow & Plum Purple

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back for another Table Top Tuesday!
This week we are looking at a very bold colour combination that is taken right from the fall fashion catwalks, Mustard Yellow and Plum Purple. It is a palette that is certainly meant for a couple with strong personalities and a hint of creativity. So, bear with me as we explore some exciting inspirations.

Table Settings:

Isn't the treatment of the mustard yellow napkins on the left just adorable? And the purple napkin with menu tucked inside on the right is classic.


The menus on the left are in a bold shade of yellow and they would really pop if accented with a beautiful dark purple flowers like purple clematis. The invitations on the right are boxed in a neutral kraft colour and will certainly set the unique tone of your wedding for your guests.

Although these escort cards are gorgeous in yellow and white, just think how perfect they would be if they were tied with beautiful plum ribbons!

I LOVE these purple photo invitations on the left! They give your invitations a modern look that is completely unique for your wedding. On the right are some simple, yet elegant, place cards that are tied in a dark purple ribbon.

Mustard yellow and plum purple! Who knew it could look so good?

Drinks & Desserts:

Lemon martinis (on the left) and mango martinis (on the right) are both cocktails that are perfect for this colour palette.

Both of these cakes use variations of white and yellow to make a floral impact.

Although the colour isn't exact, the beauty of the combination of yellow and purple is undeniable!

Stop in tomorrow for What to Wear Wednesday and don't forget to cast your vote for next Monday's eye candy poll!


Anonymous said...

I came accross your blog when searching for wedding invitations, and seen the image above of the purple invites with the photo window. We absolutely love them, but can not find them anywhere online. Do you have any idea where these can be purchased? Or who the company who makes them is?

Heather Taylor said...

I believe that those invitations were custom-made invites, but I'm having trouble remembering where I found them!

Anonymous said...

Thsnkd for the reply, we will keep looking.

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