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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Floral Friday - Mustard Yellow & Plum Purple

Hello everyone and welcome back for another Floral Friday!
I've got to be honest with you all, because of this week's colour combination, I am completely in love with yellow flowers right now! Just take a peak at this yellow dress and tie with yellow button mum bouquet and boutonniere combo and you'll see what I mean.

Obviously purple flowers are gorgeous, too, but I personally think that this colour combination works the easiest using Plum Purple fashions and Mustard Yellow flowers. Let's take a look at some floral inspirations!

These yellow roses and yellow button mums are a perfect shade for a Mustard Yellow wedding.
Here's a great, unique addition. Add succulents and dark leaves to give a simple touch of fall to yellow roses and yellow button mums.
Take a look at the simple but beautiful calla lily bouquet on the left. And on the right, a gorgeous yellow rose pomander.
The bouquet on the left is a silk bouquet, geniusely put together by etsy seller modagefloral.
The absolute best plum coloured flowers in my opinion - purple calla lillies.

Not busy this weekend? You're invited to tomorrow's Mustard Yellow & Plum Purple wedding!
Got a sweet tooth? Don't forget to cast your vote for your favourite wedding dessert. The winner will have the starring role in Monday's Eye Candy post!


Noah said...

by the way, those are not yellow buttons, in the above pictures, the small yellow ball flowers are called crespedia, also called billy balls, not a yellow button, which is a type of mum and comes with several blooms per stem, actually upon further inspection , there are not any buttons in those pictures

Heather Taylor said...

Thanks Noah, that's some great information. I have always considered and called them balls. Thanks for the correction.

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