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Friday, October 30, 2009

Floral Friday - Halloween Theme

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Floral Friday!
This whole week we've been looking at some inspiring Halloween themed weddings, so today's post is full of spine tingling floral ideas. This is definitely one area where you really can let your creativity run wild! You can opt for dark reds, purples, or bright oranges if you want to stick to the simpler side of things. But, you can really go all out with dark ribbons, feathers, or additions like mini spiders and pumpkins. Let's take a look at some great inspirations.


Here's a fun and kooky idea! Try some multi coloured buttons or felt flowers in some great Halloweeny colours!

Tomorrow you're invited to a fangtastic Weekend Wedding and don't forget to cast your vote fot this week's poll before it's too late!


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