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Friday, October 16, 2009

Floral Friday - Green & Orange

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Floral Friday (finally back on track)!
This week we've been looking at a Green and Orange colour palette. Since this is a fall inspired colour palette, you will want to use richer shades for your flowers. Opt for orange flowers that can have a deeper shade, like tulips, ranunculus or vanda orchids. If you are looking for something a little more unique, try chinese lanterns or orange oriental poppies. And if you find yourself in a bind, roses a beautiful, classic, and are available in many shades. When looking for your greens, hellebore and hydrangeas are to the go-to green flowers. Green berries are also a nice way to add green into your flowers while also adding in a touch of fall. However, you may find that greenery or the leaves and stems of your orange flowers offer enough of a contrast for your perfect day. And remember, be sure to talk with your florist about all of your available options since the time of year will affect what flowers are available to you.
Let's take a looking at some floral inspirations!


The centerpiece on the left pairs beautiful greenery with lovely orange roses and lillies. Also note the use of green fruits, such as apples and grapes, displayed across rich burnt orange coloured linens. The centerpiece on the right is more modern and combines several shades of orange with several types of flowers to give a clean, yet unique, look.

These centerpieces of orange roses and green berries are timeless.

This is another great DIY project for the eager brides! These centerpieces are simple orange tulips that are folded into a tall glass vase with water. The effort is minimal but the result is fabulous!


You can see that the bouquet on the left consists simply of orange roses and ranunculi, but it creates a clean and cheerful appearance. The bouquet on the right is a bit more exciting, as it incorporates orange and white roses, orange calla lilies, small orange accents, green berries, and assorted greenery.

Again, on the left is a beautiful bouquet of orange roses. On the right, the flowers consist of orange ranunculi, green hellebore, green hydrangeas, and assorted greenery.

The bouquet on the left uses roses and tulips in a beautiful shade of burnt orange. For a more unique bouquet, we see on the right the pairing of orange roses with small green succulents for accents.


Stop by tomorrow because you're invited to a fall wedding in Green and Orange, and don't forget to cast your vote for next week's orange inspired colours before it's too late!


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