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Monday, September 21, 2009

Table Top Tuesday - Chocolate Mint

Hello everyone and welcome to a Chocolate Mint Table Top Tuesday!

I LOOOOOVVVE this delicious colour combination! There's something soothing about the scent of mint and who doesn't love chocolate? So, why wouldn't you want this colour combination to help make your wedding a memorable one?

Let's have a look at some great inspiration for this theme! Enjoy!

Table Settings:
Linens in rich chocolate brown are not only delicious looking, but also make a beautiful alternative to simple white. Accent it with green table runners or napkins and top it all off with beautiful green rose or orchid centerpieces.

Let your guests feel your love for chocolate mint long before you exchange your vows. Many invitations come in combinations of brown and green, and your programs and place cards can be made to match!

When it comes to your Chocolate Mint desserts you have more options than you think, even if you have the taste of mint! Cakes and cupcakes can be easily decorated in chocolate and mint coloured icing. If you are a mint lover, why not serve a delicious chocolate mint cheesecake or mousse? And if you really want to think out of the wedding box, serve chocolate mint ice cream or cookies!

Tomorrow we will be looking for inspiration in some Chocolate Mint Fashions!

Hope to see you there and don't forget to cast your vote for this week's poll!


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