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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Results Are In ...

Hello everyone!
Thanks to all who cast a vote for last week's poll and the Results Are In!
Your favourite centerpieces were candles with 50% of the votes and your least favourite centerpieces were fruit with a whopping 0% of the votes!
These results aren't surprising because as centerpieces, candles truly are versatile. When using candles, you have so many different display options to choose from to help create the perfect centerpiece for your perfect day. And, if you're looking for an added atmospheric bonus, you can choose scented candles to help add to the enjoyment of your guests!
Here's some candle eye candy for your inspiration!

Votive candles are small, but make for really great centerpieces when used in great numbers. Trying blanketing your tables in them for a great candle lit dinner effect. Or, take advantage of the multitude of available colours and match them to your floral centerpieces.

Floating Candles:
Floating candles are simply fantastic! Because the sit suspended in water, they give your wedding centerpiece an almost magical touch. Plus, you can still incorporate your wedding colours or your wedding flowers into them to tie it all together. Also, because they sit low and are in water, alot of indoor venues will request these type of candles because they are a fire safe alternative to taller candles or hanging candle displays.

Piller Candles:
Piller candles are great because they are so versatile! Display them in a simply vase with flowers and foliage for a great classic centerpiece. Or, top a tall column holder with them for a touch of drama and elegance.

Hanging Candles:
Using a hanging candle display adds a touch of romance to your wedding day centerpieces. Literally creating a tree of votive candles makes your wedding feel like an enchanted forest or fairyland. Midsummer Night's Dream, anyone?

Vases & Decoration:
There are many options for how you can display your candles. You can opt for a classic glass vase. Or, why not try an old fashioned tin lantern? If you desire a more eclectic look, try a collection of interesting multi-coloured glass bottles!

Thanks for stopping in for this special Monday edition of I do ... Inspiration. Come back tomorrow for Table Top Tuesday in Purple & White!


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