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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday - Ivory Edition

Hello all and welcome to another installment of What to Wear Wednesday!
This whole week is about Ivory colour schemes so I bet you can guess what colour will be the focus today! Ivory is soft and elegant; truly beautiful in a monochromatic colour scheme. However, if you are looking to stick to a polychromatic colour scheme I would recommend colours that really compliment the beauty of ivory. Lighter colours lfor your bridesmaids like petal pink, coral, soft blue, and peach are perfect. Pale yellows are great but some shades can be quite close to ivory. If you do choose a pale yellow against your ivory be sure that it is dark enough or bright enough to contrast so that your bridesmaids don't simply blend into the background.
If you choose to use ivory, you want to be sure that you, the bride, are dressed in ivory. If you make the mistake of wearing white instead of ivory but use ivory for table settings, bridesmaids, and/or decorations, everything will simply look "dirty" because of the contrast.
Remember: ivory isn't always for everyone. If you are unhappy with how ivory looks on you or your skin tone, it would definitely be better to consider other colour options for your wedding, rather than have your wedding appear "dirty." If you are set on using ivory, another option is to wear a white dress that is accented with ivory, wether it be beading, embroidery, or a sash.
Let's take a look at some great examples of what to wear for ivory weddings. Enjoy!

(Strapless trumpet style by Lazaro)

(Strapless a-line style with ivory beading, embroidery, and sash by Watters Brides)

(Strapless a-line style by Watters Brides on left, fit and flare with sweetheart neckline by Anne Barge on right)

(Strapless sheath on left by Alvina Valenta, v-neck a-line on right by Lazaro)

(Dress on left by Jim Hjelm Occasions, dress on right by Mia Solano)

(Dress on left by Jim Hjelm Occasions, dress on right by Allen Schwartz)

Here are some colourful but complimentary alternatives for ivory bridesmaids:

(Mint green dress by Lazaro, powder blue dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions)

(Peach dress by Siri, red dress by Alvina Valenta)

(Dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions)

See you all for Floral Friday and
don't forget to vote for next week's colours!


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