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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekened Wedding - Tropical Destination Edition

Hello all and welcome to a Weekend Wedding in the Tropics! Enjoy!

(click for larger image)

A beautiful flowing strapless gown by Demetrios' Destination Romance line is accented by three simply but cute, colourful tea length bridesmaid dresses. Colour is everywhere! The beach ceremony is accented by pinks and oranges and overlooks the water. The bouquets are filled with red ginger and orange birds of paradise while being accented with pink. For guest favors, palm fans are great to fit the Tropical theme PLUS they are practical cause your wedding will be filled with tropical heat! Instead of a traditional cake, why not try something with a bit more island style like coconut? And who says that the reception has to be a formal sit down dinner? You're in the tropics and that's all about fun and relaxation. So, why not have a buffet of island style food in a lounge area with a great view?

It's the Little Touches ...

Don't forget to cast your vote and tomorrow's results will announce next week's colour scheme. Aloha!


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