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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Table Top Tuesday: Ocean Blue & Sea Green

Hello everyone and welcome back for Table Top Tuesday!
This week's theme is the colour combination of Ocean Blue and Sea Green. This is perfect for a seaside wedding or if you are looking to create a very flowy, water-themed wedding. The obvious colour choices are blue and green, but don't be afraid to spice things up a bit by adding in some neutrals like white, black, ivory, or brown. You can even pull other colours that have similar tones like various shades of yellow to warm up your colour palette. Also, using different shades of the same colours creates an eye-catching look. Let's take a look at some great looks for Blue and Green.

Table Settings:

Using various shades of blue like the setting on the left creates an aesthetically pleasing napkin treatment, but the blue and green combo on the right is just as eye catching.


Use seashells having from ribbon coloured with ocean tones to really set that scene for your seaside wedding. Blue tinted glass votive candle holders give the illusion of bright ocean water right at your guests' tables!


Different shades of green really makes these invitations pop just as much as the modern block design.

Candy & Dessert:

Who doesn't love candy? Especially when there are so many festive colours to choose from!

Using different coloured seashells on your cake, like the one on the left, will really compliment a water themed wedding.

Not every wedding with these colours has to be about water or the seaside. The cake on the right uses beautiful flowers to create the feel of a garden wedding and the ribbon design of the cake on the left is simple and elegant.

Stop in tomorrow for some great ocean and sea toned fashions and don't forget to cast your vote for next week's theme!


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