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Friday, August 28, 2009

Floral Friday - Ocean Blue & Sea Green Edition

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping in again for Floral Friday!
Today we'll be looking at some great flowers for an Ocean Blue and Sea Green themed wedding, but just because these are your main colours, doesn't mean you have to be strict about your flowers choices. Using slight white or yellow accents creates a gorgeous arrangement that still compliments your theme.
Now, when I started to get interested in wedding design, I didn't know that much about flowers and I had no idea that there were so many floral options for blue and green! To my surprise, there are TONS! Lets take a look at some common blue and green wedding flowers, followed by some great floral options for a Ocean Blue and Sea Green themed wedding.


On left allium azureum; on right blue hydrangea.

On left hyacinth; on right blue pansy.

Blue anemone

Green mums

Green hydrangea

Green hellebore

On left green Bells of Ireland; on right green Cymbidium Orchid.



Check in tomorrow for a Weekend Wedding and don't forget to vote for your next week's theme before Sunday!


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