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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to "I do ... Inspiration"

Hello and welcome to the first post of my blog " I do ... inspiration"
I love weddings. I love the thought of two people coming together with all their family and friends to celebrate their love and committment to one another. However, the thing that I love the most about weddings is how each one is unique and special. Wether it be the theme, the colours, or the design, I love the way that weddings are put together to show off each couple's individuality.
From this, I've developed a passion for puting together colours and themes to create inspiration for weddings. And that's why I decided to start this blog, because I wanted to share my ideas with anyone and everyone. And if I can help just one stressed out bride put together a beautiful wedding, well then that'll just be fantastic.
Each week I'll be discussing a new theme or colour scheme, touching on things like bridesmaid dresses, flowers, favours, table settings, and stationary. At the end of each week I'll post a inspiration board that showcases my favourite things for that theme or colour scheme.
So, keep checking in and please feel free to make comments and contact me if you have any suggestions or special requests.
Looking forward to inspiring all those big days out there!

Next Week's Theme:
Since the summer has just begun and I've been feeling the itch to getaway and take a vacation, I'll be looking at a beach themed wedding. Hope you all can make it out!


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