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Friday, July 17, 2009

Floral Friday

Welcome to the first "Floral Friday!"
Since this week's theme is focusing on casual beach weddings, we'll be looking at flowers in soft creams, ivories, yellows, and pinks.
With beach weddings there is also lots of room for creativity so check out the use of a variety of seashells in the bouquets. Enjoy!

Frangipani bouquets are simple, elegant, and classically "beachy."
The subtle use of seashells and starfish in these bouquets adds an additional beach element.
Or, you can go full out and make a bouquet entirely of seashells.
These boutonnieres are simple, elegant, and great for men who are against flowers.
Check in this weekend to see the final Beach Wedding Inspiration Board and the annoucement of next week's theme!


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